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Invest in your relationship with yourself

Learn how to develop a healthy relationship with your emotions, and a positive view of yourself. Being grounded in the knowledge that you are worthy and good enough, helps you to be more confident in the world, and be able to formulate and act on plans and dreams.

“To provide exceptional clinical psychological services that empower individuals to achieve optimal mental health and well-being”


Help promote healing and lasting emotional, cognitive and behavioural change.


Treating a wide range of unique psychological challenges


Find the support you need at Ponsonby Psychology

Ponsonby Psychology, nestled in the vibrant heart of Auckland City is a well established practice, with a group of very experienced Psychologists and Counsellors.  They abide by the ethical codes of our our professions and aim to walk alongside you on your wellbeing journey. Our location offers clients the perfect blend of convenience, privacy, and a serene atmosphere, providing the ideal setting for self-exploration and personal growth.

Appointments can be scheduled in advanced.